Frequently Asked Questions

Information for traders on our 'Specialist' markets


I have booked and paid for a market online, have I definately been allocated a stall?

We do our best to keep the website updated regarding stall availability and as such only markets on which there is space remaining are available to book online. Occasionally this is not possible and in such cases we will either call or email you directly to advise you of any problems. If you receive confirmation from PayPal for your booking and hear nothing further it is safe to assume there is no problem with your booking.


What time does the market start and finish?

The market officially runs from 9.00am until 4.00pm and traders must remain on the market during this period, unless they have completely sold out of stock. If you would like to continue trading beyond 4.00pm then this is fine, but the market square must be clear by 5.30pm.


What time do I need to arrive?

We have staff on-site from 8am until 9.30am, feel free to arrive any time in between. However, we normally advise that you work back from 9.00am based on how long you think it will take to set-up your stall.The market must be clear of vehicles by 9.30 am.


What about unloading and parking?

There is plenty of space around the main market for unloading on our Thursday markets. However, for the Sunday events we often erect additional stalls to cater for high demand, this means that some unloading space is taken away. There is still space to park cars around the market for unloading, but we ask you do this quickly and be patient if a space is unavailable when you arrive. Parking tickets can be purchased from markets staff at a cost of £4.00 or £ 2.00 per vehicle per day, depending on car park location. This applies to both Thursday and Sunday markets. Free parking is available for market traders on the Linney Car Park; Market staff will provide passes. Space is limited to x12 vehicles.


How will I know which stall is mine?

The Market Manager will have a copy of the plan for the market and will be able to direct you to your stall.


Do I need to provide my own stall?

Unless you have specifically request 'pitch' space or a spot in the Buttercross, then an 8 x 4 ft covered stall will be provided. There are various pictures of the market all over the website. The only things you need to bring are a cover for the table and your own stock and display materials. Some traders also like to bring additional sheeting to afford them some protection from wind or rain coming form the side of the stalls. If you do decide to bring these then they must be clear plastic.


Is there access to electricity or lighting?

If you require electricity or lighting then there are sockets for the three pin outdoor-type electricity cables located around the market. Traders must provide their own cables and appliances, including lights. If you are unsure what kind of cable to buy then your local outdoor and camping retailer should be able to advise, they are the type commonly used for caravaning.

Electricity cannot be guaranteed and there must be no more than 10 amps used for each socket in total. There is a charge of £ 1.00 per day for this facility.

Electrical equipment must be PAT tested before being brought onto the market.



Is there access to water?

We have a standpipe that we can erect on a hydrant on the market square. This is up in place every Sunday, if you need water on Thursdays please make a request and we will make the standpipe available.


What do I do if I have a problem on the day of the market?

The market manager can be contacted between 8am and 4pm on a market day on 07800 555692. However, email is normally the best contact method, please use